BlazterTron started in 2018 when my love for content creation was
fabricated by the kings of YouTube at the time. Night after night I
would come home from school and watch all my favorite channels publish
content that would occupy me for hours on end. Whether it was a game,
a vlog, or just QnA, I would never fail to watch my favorite channels
no matter where I was.

What enhanced my love for content creation was the marketing and design
that went into it. In 2018, I found myself enjoying the thumbnail making
and channel design process moreso than actually recording the gameplay.
I knew that as I moved forward I did not want to outsource my work,
and wanted to create every bit of artwork and design myself, something
I take pride in.

Now that I have grown, I can take my content creation a lot more seriously,
and actually produce high quality content of games that people want to
spend their time watching. As the years have gone by, I have taken the
role of a content producer more seriously, and strive to make my younger
self proud of what I have become. I use this as motivation and as a
quality checker to ask myself, "Is this something I would genuinely
enjoy watching?", before I upload a video.

However, times have changed, and I am a aware of content producing
being a different operation than it used to be. In light of these changes,
I have decided to focus on twitch streaming instead, and saving the
streams as highlights and uploading them to Youtube, and short clips to
Tik Tok. This will give me multiple streams of viewership to better my
chances of growing, while also improving my video editing skills.

I acknowledge that success is not garaunteed, and failure is possible,
but I know that this is something I enjoy doing. There are a lot of
difficulties and struggles that I did not know I would face, but
there is nothing that has stopped me from wanting to publish content,
which is why I will continue to do so and try to make people smile one
video at a time, and hope you join me on my journey. Check out my Socials!