Game my Nom with some Compassion. Twitch is my main platform. I stream as much as I can and constantly try new
games. I stream from 30 minutes or an hour, all the way to 6 or 8 hours.
I have put a lot of effort into designing my twitch profile, as well as my
stream layout. Even when I am not streaming, I have a catalog of hightlights
of every one of my streams every since I started,
ranging over 100 hours of content.


Youtube is where I upload all my highlights. I have a program that quickly uploads
all my streams after they are finished to Youtube to ensure every stream
is saved in case of anything happening to my twitch. Occasionally,
I also record content specifically for Youtube with
proper editing and thumbnails.


Tik Tok is where all my clips and my best moments get uploaded to. The clips
are saved on my stream, then downloaded to my editing software
where they are then uploaded to Tik Tok. I usually am able
to get a decent clip once or more per stream,
and upload to Tik Tok twice a week or so.
I interact and see most of my followers
on Tik Tok, in the comments and DMs.